Participation in games of chance

A legal minimum age limit of 21 years has been set for participation in games of chance and for accessing our casino. In general, gambling is a fun pastime where the possibility of winning can be very exciting, but be aware that participation in gambling is not entirely risk-free. When gambling you always play for money. Money is spent on the possible outcomes of a game. Coincidence determines whether you win or lose. Many players think that they can influence the gambling machines, but the result is random.

Play responsibly

We focus on creating awareness among visitors. Our motto is: “Enjoy & Play Responsibly”. We believe that this message is for everyone. We offer a fun, exciting time full of play, entertainment and relaxation. But playing must remain a game. Feel free to take a chance, but do this consciously.

“A scientific study on responsible gambling shows that setting gaming limits, both in time and money, promotes responsible gambling behavior. More than 70% of users experienced setting a gambling limit as positive. Players who have a maximum amount or a have set the maximum playing time, have more control over their playing behavior “.

We want you to have fun at our casino and do this as consciously as possible. That is why we have designed a play-conscious ticket for you, on which you can record the playing limits. The ticket can be found at a central point in our location. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for monitoring your limits.

By completing a self-test you can create more insight into your own playing behavior. When playing wisely, think about taking your winnings and never play with money you can’t miss. Take your loss and try not to win back your loss. At the central point in our location there is also information material available with more tips for safer gambling.

The risks of the game

Most people who participate in games of chance are referred to as recreational players (8,435,000) and see the game of chance primarily as a game in which there is little or no chance of addiction. Yet there are people who are sensitive to the development of gambling addiction. A gambling addiction does not arise overnight, but can cause many problems. Some people, however, start to play more and more unnoticed and use more money. No matter how much they lose, they remain full of optimism and try to win back the loss. The balance between the time spent in the game of chance and the time they spend on daily activities is lost. A risk player (95,700) can still somewhat control his playing behavior and experiences some problems due to their playing behavior. A problem player (79,000) no longer has control over his or her playing behavior and therefore experiences many problems in several areas.

When does gambling become a problem?

If you recognize several of these signals, chances are that gambling has become a problem for you.

Your participation will cost you more and more money.
You play longer than you actually intended.
You receive comments from acquaintances that your playing behavior is getting out of hand.
You feel guilty about gambling.
You resolve never to go again, but you will always go back.
You get financial problems.
You think more and more about the game.
You lie about gambling.
You neglect family, friends and work.
You think that everything will be fine again if you first make that one blow.
Do you recognize yourself as a risk or problem player?

If you experience problems due to your playing behavior, we offer you the option to request a voluntary entry ban by using the “Stop playing for a while” form. By completing this form you will be refused six months at our location. In addition, we can put you in contact with an employee from the Brijder prevention care department. This is a completely no-obligation introductory meeting and therefore no file is created. You can then decide for yourself if you would like another interview. You can have up to three completely non-committal conversations and there are no costs involved. These conversations can help you enormously and in some cases are enough to regain control of your playing behavior. If it appears that the conversations are not enough, you will be further informed about the possibilities. If we observe an impending gambling addiction, we will offer you a voluntary entry ban.

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If you wish to regain access to our casino after six months of exclusion, please complete the “Re-entry” -form and we will contact you.