About us






Jackpotgames & Fun has been operating games of chance since 1997. In addition, we offer our guests a fun, exciting time full of play, entertainment and relaxation in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Our games of chance are characterized by one-time participation and only consist of the legal commitment. All prizes won by Jackpotgames are free from gambling tax.In addition, we meet all legal obligations in the field of gambling (WOK) and we meet the legal obligations regarding advertising and recruitment (RvK). For example, in all communications we use the mandatory slogan for gambling providers in the Netherlands: Play consciously 18+ 

Jackpotgames is a member of the VAN Kansspelen branch organization and recognizes the VAN entrepreneurial code with requirements in the field of honest and corporate social responsibility. Our gambling machines are controlled by modern electronics. This electronics ensures that the machine works flawlessly and that all legal requirements are met. An important requirement is that every outcome must come about entirely by chance. Another requirement is that one game (press the "Start" button) should not be shorter than three seconds. The average long-term loss for the player may not exceed 40 euros.

Before the games of chance can be set up in our casino, they have first been extensively checked by legally recognized inspection bodies. This check takes place by allowing the gambling machines to play for days in a row. The results are noted, after which the inspection bodies check whether all requirements have been met. Only if it is certain that every outcome is achieved entirely by chance, does the gambling machine receive a type approval and may be placed after permission from the Gambling Authority. As proof of approval there is a red admission sticker on all our gaming machines. The placed gaming machines are regularly checked by the inspection bodies, so that they continue to meet the legal requirements.

Prevention policy

Jackpotgames' prevention policy has been drawn up in collaboration with Brijder and is aimed at minimizing problematic gaming behavior. Brijder is a specialist in addiction care and focuses on preventing and treating addiction with additional problems and on improving the quality of life. The prevention policy is constantly subject to change due to developments in the gambling market and new (scientific) insights. That is why we have an annual meeting with Brijder to evaluate and optimize our prevention policy and how it works.

The Jackpotgames employees are trained by Assissa. Assissa works together with GGZ and this guarantees quality training. The follow-up training is repeated every three years and successfully completed. As a result, the employees are aware of the recognition of gambling problems and competent in conducting basic interviews, customer-oriented actions and prevention interviews. In addition, they have skills in the field of motivation and persuasion, guidance to counseling and conflict management.