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Jackpotgames is an authentic and cozy casino located by the Zandvoort beach. To get an impression of our casino, we are pleased to invite you to our establishment at the Boulevard Barnaat 18. Jackpotgames has been offering a fun, exciting time of play, entertainment and relaxation in a friendly and safe atmosphere since 1997.

You can come to us for classic role plays such as Oldtimer, Twintimer, Steptimer, Topspinner, Big Money, Golden Oldie and even more classics. But we also offer a wide selection of modern videogames such as the entire series of Games Unlimited, including the latest Mbox-games, the Game Lounge, Super Magic Titan and the Game Star series. 

In addition, we also have various retro videogames and of course the Mega Star Roulette and the multiplayers such as the Multiplayer, Twinplayer, Gemini, Red & Green Pepper, Superbells and not forget to mention also the Hotspot Multi. In other words, plenty of choice for a pleasant time while enjoying a free drink and snack. We only serve non-alcoholic drinks.

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Jackpotgames & Fun is open all year from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.